In the News

October 2, 2012
Harvard Gazette: "A welcome to the military"

October 2, 2012
The Crimson: "Student Service Members Facilitate Conversations for Veterans"

September 17, 2012
Department of Veterans Affairs: "Back to School: Transitioning from Servicemember to Student"

May 23, 2012
Harvard Gazette: "Stepping Up"

April 5, 2012
It's Time To Embrace The Next Era Of U.S.-Iraq Relations (Jake Cusack, MBA/MPP '12)

November 4, 2011
Harvard Crimson: "Saluting the Military"

October 27, 2011
Harvard Gazette: "A Harvard Perspective on Military Service"

October 19, 2011
Harvard Gazette: "A Child's Memory in Military Time"

October 3, 2011
Harvard Crimson: "In Rapprochement, University Hosts Welcome Reception for Veterans"

September 30, 2011
Harvard Gazette: "Military Greeting"

September 23, 2011
Harvard Gazette: "NROTC Opens Harvard Office"

September 21, 2011
Boston Globe: "ROTC Back at Harvard After 40 Years"

September 20, 2011
Harvard Gazette: "Opening Day"

September 19, 2011
Harvard Gazette: "Of Brass and Khakis"

August 29, 2011
Time: “The New Greatest Generation”

May 30, 2011
NY Daily News: “Back From War, a Soldier Reflects” by Crimson Serves Co-President Erik Malmstrom

May 25, 2011
Harvard Gazette: “Officers of the Day”

May 24, 2011
Harvard Gazette: “Harvard in the Military”

April 29, 2011
Harvard Gazette: “Harvard Honors Veterans”

April 15, 2011
Harvard Gazette: "Warrior Spirit"

March 5, 2011
Boston Globe: "Harvard Welcomes ROTC Back to Campus"

March 5, 2011
NY Times: “Agreement Allows ROTC to Return to Harvard After Decades Away”

March 4, 2011
Harvard Crimson: “Harvard Signs Agreement to Officially Recognize Naval ROTC”

March 4, 2011
Harvard Gazette: “Signing Ceremony Welcomes ROTC”

March 3, 2011
Harvard Gazette: “Harvard Welcomes Back ROTC”

February 15, 2011
Harvard Crimson: “Collateral Damage” by Crimson Serves’ Rob Wheeler (Harvard College ‘05, Army Air Defense Artillery, Harvard Business School ‘11)

January 31, 2011
Harvard Crimson: "Return of ROTC"

December 18, 2010
Harvard Gazette: “President Faust’s Statement on DADT”

December 10, 2010
Harvard Law School: “New to Law School, But Veterans of War and Service”

November 18, 2010
Harvard Crimson: “Drew Faust Endorses Return of ROTC”

November 1, 2010
Harvard Business Review: “Leadership Lessons From the Military”

September 29, 2010
NY Times: “Gates Fears Wider Gap Between Country and Military”

May 26, 2010
Harvard Gazette: “Harvard Continues Yellow Ribbon Program”

May 26, 2010
Harvard Gazette: “From Ivy to Military”

March 5, 2010
NY Times: “Cut the War Film Some Slack” by Crimson Serves Co-President Erik Malmstrom

March 5, 2010
Fortune: “Battle-Tested: From Soldier to Business Leader” Profile of Crimson Serves Co-Founder Maura Sullivan

February 26, 2010
Harvard Gazette: “Freshman Takes Aim on New Field”

February 18, 2010
Harvard Gazette: “Over Here, Over There”

February 6, 2010
NY Times: “The Two Worlds of the Citizen-Soldier” by Crimson Serves Co-President Erik Malmstrom

November 30, 2009
Harvard Gazette: “Lessons from Afghanistan”

November 25, 2009
NY Times: “The Lost” by Crimson Serves Co-President Erik Malmstrom

June 18, 2009
Harvard Crimson: “Harvard Schools Vary Widely in Level of Support for Veterans Aid”

June 4, 2009
Harvard Gazette: “At ROTC Commissioning, Faust Touts Idea of ‘Soldier-Scholar’”

June 3, 2009
Harvard Gazette: “Harvard to Participate in Yellow Ribbon Veterans Education Program”

April 8, 2009
Wall Street Journal: “Harvard and the Marines”

December 31, 1969
Crimson Serves Interview on FOX News Live with KT McFarland

December 31, 1969
Crimson Serves Interview on FOX News Live with KT McFarland